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CIC International Ltd was created in 1930 by British interests with headquarters in Shanghai. Over the years the company's focus changed from trading in silks and fur to that of a Defense contractor. The company enjoyed a dynamic growth, moved the headquarters to the U.S and rapidly became a major contractor to defense establishments throughout the world.

The firm developed major components for state-of-the-art ammunition, vehicle modernization and communication devices. CIC has successfully developed sophisticated kinetic energy ammunition, far more economical to produce. Its research and development programs continue to provide major improvements to a wide variety of defense technologies.

The firm enjoys a wide spectrum of services geared to Army, Navy and Air Force organizations. The company has operated armored vehicle production facilities in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and in Honolulu, Hawaii. CIC is a recognized leader in the modernization of Tanks and APC’s. CIC is engaged in several joint ventures for the production of various projectiles for which the firm provides the metal parts and the Load, Assemble & Pack (LAP) is conducted by others. The company has designed and implemented kits for the modernization of weapons.

Now called Global CIC United, the firm has successfully undertaken to provide expertise and management to foreign entities seeking to do business with various agencies of the United States Department of Defense. Conversely, manufacturers from the United States, and elsewhere, have solicited the services of CIC to market their products in the overseas market.

Under the direction of Vice President Carole Joyce, step-daughter of CIC founder Satiris Fassoulis, CIC has moved into the PPE industry in response to the current pandemic. The key focus of the company in this area is to get needed supplies of gloves and masks to veteran organizations and hospital groups.

Currently, CIC is targeting large European production lines that deliver to the port of Los Angeles. CIC oversees clearing PPE material through customers and managing logistics to reach end customers.

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